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What is WEG IT?

To answer that question, it is better that we start by introducing you to Warwick Employment Group.

Launched by the University of Warwick, Warwick Employment Group (WEG) is an integrated family of specialist recruitment and people orientated services that have been supporting the education sector for over 16 years. The group includes market-leading and well-established brands and services such as and Unitemps. With a recent expansion, it now includes SearchHigher and

In 2015, the IT teams associated with the various WEG Businesses joined forces to form WEG IT, bringing together many years of technical expertise. WEG prides itself on its three pillars - Ethical, Quality and Community. Using these values, WEG IT has become a centre for technical excellence in the employment and education sector, offering services both for WEG and the wider community.

To learn more about Warwick Employment Group and its services, please visit the main WEG website:

Meet the WEG IT team

Dominic Blundell

Software Development and Support Manager

I started working life with Warwick Manufacturing Group as a Java developer and then moved into R&D with the PARD programme as a Technical Lead. Since then I have moved into management of software development activities in both the public and private sector.

Outside of work I target shoot with a local club and I'm currently working through the large to-do list of jobs required to progress our house from relative building site to desirable dwelling. I enjoy riding motorbikes so I'm looking forward to being able to commute into work on my bike during the summer months.

Brian Wakeham

Senior Application Consultant (Development)

Following a consultancy contract with the NHS Business Services Authority in Leeds, I joined Unitemps as an Application Consultant in 2012, and now I run the Application Support Team in WEG IT.

Outside of my work, my passion is for getting muddy, either on my mountain bike, or more recently by training for and taking part in mud runs.

Tibi Parvanov

Application Consultant (Development)

As an Application Consultant, with a background in IT, I like working on solutions for interesting problems and to bring innovation in my area of work.

I am keen on cooking, also like to read fiction and play PC Games, sometimes chess. I like to think that every day is a new chance to help people and at the same time to learn something new

Greeshma Pai

Application Consultant (Development)

I'm an Application Support Analyst with 4+ years of support experience in Finance and Telecom Domains.

I grew up in India and came to UK in 2012 after my husband got a job here. We have a daughter who is almost 5 now. I took a career break to look after her and have been enjoying motherhood. My hobbies include cooking, travelling and reading.

Zsolt Kutyik

Application Consultant

After spending almost 10 years in hospitality I started a new career with WEG IT in 2014. As a UX Consultant I focus on users, making their experience with our systems as enjoyable and productive as possible.

I love watching and reading about Formula-1, new, emerging technologies and spending time with my family. Recently, I've started to paint and hopefully I'll become the next Picasso. :)

Chris Adams

Data Analyst

I joined the Unitemps IT team in 2014 as a temp and was then promoted to a full time role within the WEG IT team as a Data Analyst. My previous [decades of IT related] experience has been in various analysis roles for large manufacturing, retail & banking corporations so working in Recruitment is a refreshing change.

Richard Blunt

Application Consultant (Service Desk)

I started my career with the University of Warwick in 2004, when Unitemps was a small department with five employees. I now look after WEG's Customer Service Desk and I'm the service owner for all our Atlassian installations.

Outside of work I have a youngish family and a dog called Ted. I am a Cubs leader, I brew my own beer and I'm a Metal Head.

Salvatore Cavallaro

Junior Application Consultant (Service Desk)

My name is Salvatore, known as Salvo. I'm Italian and I love fishing and eating pizza. After a very long career as an electronic technician and graphic designer, in September 2014 I decided to change my life and so I moved to England. In the UK I had the opportunity to improve my skills as a web-designer and graphic designer, studying as self-taught during my spare time and so, here we are at WEG IT. This is the chance I was looking for, I've got the opportunity to face a new challenge. I almost forgot to mention it, I love challenges too.

Adam Beaumount

Junior Application Consultant (Service Desk)

I recently graduated from the University of Gloucestershire with a First Class Honours degree in Computer Games Design. Before this I completed an apprenticeship as an IT support engineer in my hometown of Ipswich.

My big passions are games, film and football, where I unfortunately support Ipswich Town.

Emily Duffy

Service Desk Co-ordinator

I have recently started my current position at WEG IT as Servicedesk Co-ordinator. I have a background in events management and hospitality and I am a graduate from the University of the West of England where I studied Philosophy.

Outside of work I enjoy keeping fit, exploring new countries and playing the violin.

Gary Davies

Junior IT Assistant

My name is Gary and I come from a background in Science and Archaeology. I am currently training as a Junior IT Assistant for WEG IT.

In my spare time I enjoy collecting vinyls, woodcarving and going to gigs and festivals.

Kamal Nazar

Lead Developer

I come from a Java development background and have been a senior developer for a number of companies.

I have four young children so spare time isn't something I have much of anymore! I do enjoy reading, cinema, cycling and a bit or DIY/gardening as I have about 50 year's worth of DIY jobs stacked up to complete! I'm also trying to learn to play the piano although, at the rate I'm progressing I'll be an old man by the time I'm able to play anything tuneful!

Martin Ng

Lead Developer

I have joined WEG as a Lead Developer. I have been in IT for over twenty years mostly working on Microsoft technology stack. I have worked in many different sectors including Financial, Telecommunications, Utilities and Automotive Manufacturing.

My spare time is spent with the family, learning how to cook like a master chef, DIY projects and generally pottering around the house.

Steven Farkas

Lead Developer

I have worked as a developer for over 15 years in both the private and public sector. I mainly work with developing web applications.

Out of the office I spend my time with my family , gardening and doing various DIY projects.

Matt Carpenter

Web Developer

I have been with for over 10 years now and still haven't turned up to work on time yet! My main responsibilities are ensuring the continued operation of the collection of websites and rolling out new features that our marketing and sales teams have identified.

Jon Flavell

Web Developer

I started my WEG career as a web developer for Primarily I work in PHP to maintain and develop the front and admin websites, occasionally working on other projects throughout WEG.

Florian Bochis

Web Developer

I've been working in WEG IT since 2016 and I'm still loving every bit of it. I graduated with a Master's in Software Development from Coventry University. I am attracted to everything related to technology and I made a pact with myself to never let it outrun me.

In my spare time, I enjoy going to gym, playing games and nights out. I love travelling on holidays, especially to beaches or sunny places.

Thomas Suberchicot

Web Developer

The French touch of the team. I've been studying in a software engineering school and then, I used to work for a small company in southwest of France (you know the sunny place) as a .NET software engineer. After a year, I left the company to work as a contractor and travel around Europe until I moved in the UK to practice my English with my French accent, exactly what I am doing now at WEG IT as a web developer.

Outside of work I am passionate by washing dishes, doing laundry and cleaning dust. But I clearly prefer to go to the pub, travelling and meet new people.

James Morgan

Web Developer

I've recently retrained to be a web developer, previously I was a shift supervisor in a warehouse for 15 years. I enjoy programming and bug fixing and am happy to join the WEG team.

Outside of work I don't enjoy eating healthy and exercising, but I do it anyway. With the rest of my free time I travel up and down the UK visiting my scattered family, from Scotland to the South coast.

Tejaswi Ailneni

Junior Web Developer

I have done my graduation in IT, at the end of the course I developed an interest in web development and since then I started learning web technologies and then found a job here at WEG.It is a cool work place with talents.

Outside of work I would like to travel and also I'm very much into arts and crafts.

Ali Jamal

Junior Web Developer

I joined WEG as trainee web developer, and will be working on the HERo project with the rest of Dev team. I am learning Angular2+ now, so main focus will be on the front-end path of development, which I have been practicing for past two years.

Outside work I spend most of my time with family, and my only baby girl whom keep me busy enough.

Isidro Gomes

Junior Web Developer

I'm a graduate in Computing who has passion for technology. My interest in computers goes right back 16 years ago when I used to build computers for my friends and family. Lately I've been working as Application Design and Test Analyst.

On my spare time I like to learn new Computing languages, web development technologies and I also enjoy running, swimming and go to gym. My ultimate goal is to become a Software Engineer.

Garfield Mayor

QA and Test Analyst

My early career involved Geographical Information Systems for finding diamonds in South Africa, and later for education planning in Coventry. I then went into mainstream development specializing in Microsoft technologies. Following this I spent 3 years as a professional singer-songwriter. Now I'm a part-time Application Design and Test Analyst (QA) at WEG IT.

Sushreeti Bandyopadhyay

QA and Test Analyst

My love for breaking the system, finding the bugs etc. led me to WEG IT. I have completed my M.Tech (CSE) and have worked for an organisation for 2 years and 10 months back in India where I was dealing with database management system for one of the biggest entertainment incorporation.

Apart from work, I love travelling and spend lot of time in crafts and creativity.

Phil Wong

QA and Test Analyst

New member of the QA team since late 2018. Before that, I worked for the international team at Fun fact: having checked the database, it looks like I published 13,792 adverts (2012-2018), crazy!

In my spare time, I like jogging and learning Japanese.